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Modafinil 200 mg

Modafinil 200 mg

Modafinil is a medication used to treat narcolepsy (excessive daytime sleepiness) and shift work sleep disorder. Also known by the brand name Provigil, this smart drug also boosts cognitive function resulting in increased focus, improved concentration and enhanced mental ability.

  • Modafinil 200 mg
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Modafinil is a eugeroic medication used to manage excessive sleepiness due to several disorders, like narcolepsy. However, its off-label use as a safe 'smart-drug' of choice has increased its popularity as a brain enhancer due to cognitive enhancing properties.

Excessive sleepiness is not caused by the malfunctioning of any specific neurotransmitter per say. However, experts believe that the chemical 'gamma-aminobutyric acid' (which controls sleep) could be imbalanced. This causes the individual to feel tired and sleepy all the time.

The medication is considered a stimulant that belongs to the eugeroics group of wakefulness-promoting agents. Its exact mechanism of action is currently undetermined or still being investigated. Nevertheless, analyses suggest that the tablet can stop the reuptake of the dopamine chemical, which increases the amount of the chemical in the nerves.

This process activates the orexin neurons, which in turn encourages wakefulness. The treatment was FDA-approved in December 1998 and is a prescription-based medication in most countries. It is also sold under the brand name, Provigil, and both brand and approved generic options can be bought more conveniently online.

What Is Modafinil Used For?

This medication has a composition and chemical structure which allow it to be used to combat conditions that induce excessive sleepiness, fatigue or similar. The most common proverbial culprits behind this are the conditions of narcolepsy, sleep apnoea and shift-work sleep disorder.

Patients buy modafinil for its swift-acting ability to change the way abnormal neurotransmitters behave in the brain. The tablet produces successful results without causing patients to relapse after the treatment duration is completed.

Conditions that patients can use the medication for:

  • Narcolepsy - This condition is caused by a deficiency in the neurons which control wakefulness. In turn, it causes daytime sleepiness, where patients cannot go to work or perform daily tasks. Modafinil 200 mg can regulate these neurons and enhance their effects to promote alertness.
  • Shift-work sleep disorder - This is experienced by individuals who have difficulty falling or staying asleep due to rotating shifts or night-shift work.
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea - The medication is commonly used with breathing devices to prevent unwarranted sleeping caused by obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • Brain function enhancement - This medication is in high demand for use as a cognitive and memory enhancing treatment. It is referred to as a so-called smart-drug due to benefits such as improved focus, thinking and general brain function. Its safety profile is also considered good.

Modafinil Benefits

Sleeping can be a pleasant experience for all, allowing one to relax and relieve the day's worries. A typical adult should be getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night, to feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning.

Many individuals think that it is normal to get more than 9 hours of sleep, or not harmful. This practice every day can in fact lead to stroke, diabetes and heart disease. This is where medications such as modafinil can help.

There are many eugeroics on the market, however, modafinil is the most preferred for a number of patient groups. A PubMed's study proved that it has higher clinical efficacy than most eugeroics. From the efficacy to the tolerance, this medication ticks all the right boxes.

Modafinil benefits include:

  • The medication is well tolerated and has only minor side effects. There was no evidence of tolerance/dependency with the medication at therapeutic doses, even with long-term use (40 weeks right up to 3 years).
  • The tablet can be taken with or without food, making dosage administration convenient for the patient.
  • A study posted by Science Daily has found that Provigil works well with antidepressants to enhance its effects. This reduces the severity of depression further, and serves as an off-label application.

* Patients can also obtain modafinil online making availability and purchase of this approved medication seamless.

Modafinil Reviews

Modafinil reviews are a vital part of marketing the product's benefits as well as educating potential users about the medication. This allows patients to connect with other treatment users too. When first-time patients read reviews concerning this medication, they can understand first-hand how it works from practical experiences.

Modafinil has a standard rating of 7.3 out of 10, which is an impeccable rating. Only 18% of these users reported adverse effects, while 65% reported all positive outcomes. The medication is best rated for these conditions:

  • Narcolepsy
  • Shift work sleep disorder
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea/Hypopnea Syndrome
  • Depression (off-label)
  • Drowsiness (off-label)

Individuals no longer have to go on a time-consuming search for an effective stimulant, as these reviews prove that the modafinil medication offers the highest efficacy rates for users, comes highly recommended by experts, and has minimal unwanted effects.

Modafinil Dosage

A single modafinil dosage normally lasts for 10 to 12 hours. It can be taken as needed or every day, depending on the reason behind the treatment. Patients must take it shortly after waking up, as the administration should be avoided late in the day. This can in turn cause insomnia.

A general modafinil dosage regimen is as follows:

  • Usual adult dose for narcolepsy - 200 mg taken once a day in the morning.
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea - 200 mg taken once a day in the morning.
  • Shift-work sleep disorder - 200 mg taken once a day. These users must take the medication 1 hour before the work shift starts.

These doses are not standard and can be altered accordingly, based on tolerance and individual needs. To optimise the medication's effects, it is best to take modafinil 200 mg at the same time every morning. In this way, the body will get used to it faster, and the patient will not miss a dose.

Modafinil Side Effects

The modafinil side effects that occur usually does not require medical advice. These side effects normally only present themselves as the body adjusts to the medication. If needed, an expert can advise patients who buy modafinil with simple ways to reduce some of these side effects.

The most common mild side effects are:

  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Decreased appetite
  • Back pain
  • Dryness of the mouth

Buy Modafinil Online

The conventional manner of purchasing pharmaceuticals from a ground-based pharmacy is slowing phasing out, as the advancements of the internet allow patients to buy medications online.

Due to extreme daytime sleepiness, it is not advisable to drive to a pharmacy or interact with other individuals. This puts the patient and other individuals at risk. However, patients can now acquire this medication from our secure website.

When patients buy modafinil online here, they are also provided with detailed information regarding the medication and its use. There is also an online chat option to assist patients with any additional questions they may have.

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