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Free Delivery, Special offers and Discount! We go the extra mile with free delivery on all orders, special offers on bulk buys, and the chance for further discount when paying with a digital currency such as Bitcoin. There are lots of ways to save money and find the best prices when shopping online; we are often reminded to shop around, to look out for cheaper substitutes and to take advantage of special offers.

When purchasing items that are used regularly these tips can help save the average consumer a considerable amount.

Bitcoin Explained in Brief

Bitcoin is a decentralised digital currency and allows for instant peer-to-peer payments between parties worldwide. The digital currency is not physical, and the digital funds are pseudonymous as there are no serial numbers, or physical coins, to tie an identity to.

So while buying Bitcoin requires ID verification, and your bank can see the Bitcoin purchase itself, nobody can see what the digital funds are used to purchase. It is this extra layer of privacy that has made digital currencies so popular.

Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

To buy Bitcoin you are first required to sign up for a wallet to store your digital currency. Once you have a Bitcoin wallet address, you then need to verify your account by uploading an image of your identity card or passport (depending on your location). Once your account is confirmed you can freely buy Bitcoin with a credit card, or via bank transfer to fund your digital wallet.

We recommend that you sign-up with one of the following websites to get started:


After you sign up you will receive a bitcoin wallet address, which is basically the account number of your digital wallet, and will look like the following example: 1CdEfgHiJjDNsSxanPP9gRlQStLV6c37fP

Discount for Digital Payments

Checking out using Bitcoin, or Altcoins - alternative cryptocurrencies - could not be easier. Simply select the product and quantity, enter your delivery information, then choose from the list of payment options. Each time you order you will be given a unique destination wallet address to make payment to. Payments need to be completed in 60 minutes, and once confirmed - that’s it - your order is ready to be packed and posted!

We do not store Bitcoin or Altcoins on our server

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