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Amitriptyline is a generic version of a medication primarily known as Elavil, which offers aid for several different conditions. While it was originally created as a major antidepressant medication, it has found great success for several off-label treatments.

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Hundreds of millions of people around the world struggle with conditions that cause highly intrusive neurological pain each day. World statistics have shown that nearly 395 million people struggle with fibromyalgia pain every day, many of whom are given intrusive opioid-based medications. These medications can be dangerous and cause serious addiction problems for many.

Are you in need of effective treatment to better manage your pain? Is your personal life and professional life in a downward spiral? Perhaps pain is stopping you getting the rest you need? Whatever it is, read on to as delve a little deeper into the strong painkiller Amitriptyline.

What is Amitriptyline Used for?

Amitriptyline is a generic version of a medication primarily known as Elavil, which offers aid for several different conditions. While it was originally created as a major antidepressant medication, it has found great success for several off-label treatments. Amitriptyline has been found to be a great medication for battling neuropathic pain caused by conditions such as diabetes or fibromyalgia. Neuropathic pain can make doing anything difficult, including sleep. This medication has helped millions achieve proper sleep at night when living with painful health conditions.

Amitriptyline has been shown to improve sleep disturbances by reducing pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. It is also a top recommendation for battling fibromyalgia-induced depression by associates of various scientific medical societies. There has been some evidence that this medication can also reduce pain in some cancer patients. It is, however, considered a second-line treatment for non-chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain, next to opioids if they are not providing the desired effects.

Amitriptyline Benefits

There are certainly no shortages of benefits that can be noted by those taking Amitriptyline, thanks to all of its great medical benefits. Generally, those who are taking this medication are dealing with extensive neurological pain, or emotional pain from high levels of depression. Regardless of why it is being taken, it is likely to bring positive change to the patients life.

A large way that this medication can benefit those seeking its effects is by helping greatly assist with achieving proper sleep at night without a struggle. Patients using this medication will also be able to find greater levels of comfort in their day-to-day life, helping them simply get through the day with manageable amounts of pain.

Those choosing to use this medication will experience the benefits before it is even in their possession when ordering from online pharmacies. When ordering Amitriptyline online, you will not be required to show a prescription. To add to these great benefits, after the financial savings are had, the medication will be delivered directly to the customers front doorstep.

Amitriptyline Reviews

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When a company selling products or services does not have any customer reviews to back up the quality of goods or services, it can be rather difficult to begin building the brand. This is even more so true when it comes to pharmaceuticals, as they can be quite dangerous to some if not authentic. Reviews give previous customers the opportunity to warn potential customers if they have been lied to about a product, assuring others do not fall victim. We encourage every customer to leave reviews about their experience with our products and services.

Amitriptyline Dose Instructions

The recommended starting dosage for most patients using Amitriptyline is said to be 10mg when beginning use and raised as required. It is advised to not increase the dosage too quickly, but to do so over a couple of weeks, allowing the body to accept the increased dosages. For severe pain chronic pain, the standard dose of this medication is 50mg up to 3 times per day. This should only be increased after consultation with a medical professional.

The ideal time to take this medication is 30-60 minutes before going to sleep, as there can be some sedative effects. It is strongly advised to not take this medication while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. Patients should swallow this medication whole with a full glass of water.

Amitriptyline Side Effects

Like all pharmaceuticals, Amitriptyline does have the potential to bring on some undesired side effects to some patients. Overall, the general consensus has been that this medication is well tolerated by most users, offering benefits that greatly outweigh potential side effects. Those who have reported experiencing side effects have predominantly reported just mild discomforts or inconveniences.

The most commonly reported side effects from Amitriptyline have been:

  • Dry mouth
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Fatigue/daytime drowsiness

If any of the above-mentioned side effects are experienced, there is no need to panic or seek medical attention. For anyone who is looking to stop the use of Amitriptyline, it is highly recommended to be sure to have a tapering off period, dropping the dosage down each day until you have reached 0mg. This will avoid blood pressure fluctuation, which can cause discomfort.

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