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UK’s insomniacs should try 10mg Diazepam

UK’s insomniacs should try 10mg Diazepam - Sleeping Pills UK

  • Prof. David Whitman
  • May 14, 2018

Statistics show that almost one third of the UK population are suffering from insomnia whilst 30% are suffering from severe sleep disorders. Did you know that there are over 70 different sleep disorders which result in a reduced quality and quantity of sleep? The study showed that 75% of women report sleep problems compared with just 25% of men in Britain, so no gender is excluded.

Chronic insomnia poses a host of risks to its sufferers, such as: Physical illnesses – rheumatoid arthritis, hyperactive thyroid, brain lesions, pain, nocturnal angina

Psychological and cognitive illnesses – depression, bipolar disorder, dementia

What are the substances that ‘promote’ insomnia?

These risk factors include:-

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine
  • SSRI
  • anti-depressants

What are your options?

You should begin a sleep medication to help your body get back into a proper working sleep rhythm. This could include 10mg Diazepam also marketed as Valium. This medication treats anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia and muscle spasms. They have been recommended for the past 40 years throughout the world. The medication should be taken once daily, just before bedtime with a glass of water. For optimum results, pay close attention to the directions for use.

What are the side effects of the medication?

Although 10mg Diazepam is safe to use, there are some side effects that may be experienced. However this is not the case for all users and the side effects do not last long. They include: -Dizziness -Headaches -Stuffy nose -Nausea You will be able to treat these reactions at home.

Where can I get cheap Diazepam?

UK e-pharmacies offer the medication at affordable prices without a prescription. If you live in the UK and EU then you will receive free delivery within 2-7 and 10-14 working days respectively. Your 10mg Diazepam will be delivered to your door discreetly wrapped. You can contact the customer care centre with representatives available 24/7 for assistance.

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