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How Sleeping Pills Treat Insomnia in the Elderly People

How Sleeping Pills Treat Insomnia in the Elderly People - Sleeping Pills UK

  • Prof. David Whitman
  • May 11, 2018

Do you face difficulty in falling asleep at night or cannot sleep comfortably throughout the night? Visit your doctor at the earliest convenience as you may be suffering from insomnia or another sleep-related problem! Sleeping disorders can affect anyone. However, elderly people are more susceptible to them. It’s because your body goes through constant changes as you age. This includes your lifestyle and your sleeping routine. Sleeping pills UK may help you sleep well at night.

Insomnia and the Elderly People

A survey conducted by the National Institute on Aging depicts that 13% men and 28% women above 65 years of age need more than half an hour to fall asleep. Furthermore, a majority of old people tend to suffer from chronic insomnia. In this long-term sleeping disorder, a person wakes up several times at night and cannot go back to sleep. As a result, that person may feel exhausted and sleepy throughout the day. Many doctors suggest sleeping pills to overcome this problem. However, in old age, these tablets often prove to be ineffective. It’s because the elderly people usually suffer from various other health issues. Unless these underlying problems are treated, sleeping aids can’t do much. Sleeping pills may control anxiety in the older people; however, they also pose severe risks. Drugs stay in their bodies for a longer duration which can cause memory problems and confusion. Older people, under the influence of hypnotic drugs, may fall down and end up with fractured bones and physical injuries.


You can take sleeping pills UK to improve your sleeping patterns only at the advice of your doctor. A doctor evaluates the health of a patient and risk factors before prescribing any medication. Just make sure you have the right medication and dosage for your condition.

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