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Learn The Facts About Insomnia Before Buying The ‘wonderdrug’ – Ambien 10mg

Learn The Facts About Insomnia Before Buying The ‘wonderdrug’ – Ambien 10mg - Sleeping Pills UK

  • Prof. David Whitman
  • Jul 10, 2018

Insomnia or poor sleep is not regarded as a health catastrophe however many experts believe that it should be treated as one. This is because a lack of sleep tends to affect all other areas of a man’s life. The problem of insomnia has been underestimated because the focus of attention is restricted towards few other conditions that contribute to non-communicable diseases.

While maintaining a healthy weight and eating a healthy diet, the importance of sleep to general health and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. Sleep deprivation, insomnia and other sleep disorders contribute significantly to the global problem of disease as they greatly increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. You should educate yourself on the effects of insomnia on your daily life, and try medication like Ambien 10mg.

The stats It is important to familiarise yourself with the disease and greater efforts need to be made to tackle the rareness of global data and insomnia statistics. What was once thought of as a problem of the developed world has now become just as much of a burden in third world countries. -Insomnia is the most widespread of all sleep disorders and is believed to affect anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of all people at some point in their lives. -Long-term sleep deprivation can cause severe health problems and compromise your quality of life. -Insomnia affects one out of four people and it isn’t gender or age specific.

The condition is increasingly predominant as you age with 40 to 60 percent of all people above the age of 60 suffering from insomnia. Studies show that insomnia is twice as likely to affect women as compared with men. Chronic insomnia significantly increases the risk of various non-communicable diseases. There were 57 million deaths in 2008, with 58% of these being attributed to chronic (non-communicable) diseases. These numbers could be significantly reduced if sleep disorders were treated accordingly.

Studies have also shown that the risk of strokes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, obesity, diabetes and depression are prevalent in patients suffering from insomnia. Substance abuse like smoking, alcoholism and drugs are more likely to develop in people suffering from lack of adequate sleep. Fatigue and drowsiness cause around 100,000 road accidents a year, claiming as many as 1,500 lives and leaving over 70,000 injured. Medication is needed to combat this disease and begin to bring about a sense of order once again.

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