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  • Prof. David Whitman
  • Aug 09, 2018

Insomnia can be classified as the inability to fall asleep, waking up numerous times during the night, or waking up too early and being unable to fall asleep. A lack of sleep can cause several unpleasant side effects and problems, including fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability and poor work performance.
Statistics have shown that nearly half of those living in the UK suffer from insomnia to various degrees.  The good news? You can now buy sleeping pills online without a prescription.
How do sleeping pills work?
The most common sleeping pills include Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) and Zopiclone. These medicines are known as non-benzodiazepine hypnotics and work by boosting gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) in the brain, which helps to create a calming influence and induce sleep.
Some benzodiazepines can also help to relieve insomnia, especially if it is stress or insomnia related. These include Nitrazepam, Clonazepam, Lorazepam and Diazepam. Thanks to the calming effects of benzodiazepines, they not only alleviate sleeplessness, they also help with stress and anxiety - which often leads to insomnia.
Do sleeping pills have side effects?
Provided you do extensive research online about medications you are interested in trying, and you do not misuse sleep medications, severe side effects are rare. You may experience some short term, mild side effects, such as headaches, stuffy nose, dizziness and appetite changes.
Buy sleeping pills online – no prescription called for
Thanks to modern technology, you now have access to licensed online pharmacies, where you can purchase top quality sleeping pills online without a prescription. A reputable site will ensure you receive your medication affordably, securely, and discreetly.
Put an end to sleepless nights by ordering your insomnia medication today. Contact our 24/7 customer service team and enjoy the rest and quality of life you deserve.

Prof. David Whitman

About Prof. David Whitman

Once a full-time doctor, David Whitman is now the Head of the Medical Sciences Division at the Queen Mary University of London. Motivated by his life-long love for sleeping, Professor Whitman has performed numerous ground-breaking studies within the field of Neuropharmacology. Through his commitment to researching and developing sleep treatments, he has advanced the understanding of the correlation between sleeping disorders and mental health issues significantly. The Professor further holds Membership Chair of the World Sleep Confederacy (WSC) and provides various leading pharmacies with informative content in addition to his invariable contributions to medical science. Beyond his decorated professional career, Professor Whitman is a doting family man who enjoys spending his spare time hiking and sleeping deeply.

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