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Buy Ambien Online in the UK - Sleeping Pills UK

  • Prof. David Whitman
  • Aug 06, 2018

Insomnia affects nearly half of all individuals in the UK to some extent. Insomnia includes difficulty falling asleep, waking often throughout the night, and waking up too early and being unable to go back to sleep. Lack of adequate sleep can lead to very unpleasant effects, including fatigue, trouble concentrating, irritability and poor work performance? Now you can buy Ambien online UK pharmacies are able to supply the medication without a prescription.

What is Ambien and how does it work?

Ambien is a medication used to treat insomnia, with the active ingredient, zolpidem tartrate. It is a type of drug called a non-benzodiazepine hypnotic. It normally comes in a 10mg dose per tablet. Zolpidem tartrate works by increasing gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), a chemical which slows down activity around the nerves of the brain and causing you to feel sleepy.

Does Ambien have side effects?

As with all medications, you are strongly encouraged to thoroughly research Ambien, or consult a medical professional, before using it. Extreme side effects are rare, as long as it is taking properly. Mild and common side effects may include fatigue, headaches, upset stomach and appetite changes.

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If you’re suffering from chronic insomnia and need to get a good night’s rest, we are here for you. Ambien online UK and EU based pharmacies, such as ours, offer reputable and licensed platforms selling this and other quality medications - prescription-free.

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