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Are You Expecting? Read This before You Start Taking 10mg Diazepam

Are You Expecting? Read This before You Start Taking 10mg Diazepam - Sleeping Pills UK

  • Prof. David Whitman
  • Apr 24, 2017

Did you know that according to statistics, every woman, when falling pregnant, stands a risk of about 3 to 5% to give birth to a baby with some sort of defect?

The medical term for this is ‘background risk’. The sole purpose of mentioning this statistic is to make every woman who is pregnant, or is planning to get pregnant, aware of the risks associated with the baby’s safety. One of the most important external factors which can put your baby’s safety at risk is using medication without consulting a doctor.

Benzodiazepines, or more specifically, 10mg of Diazepam, is one tablet which can greatly increase the risk of a baby born with birth defects. Since mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks, stress and trouble sleeping are some of the more common conditions, the majority of women experience during pregnancy; it is very likely that many would use Diazepam to treat them due to its highly effective nature.

Problems Likely To Be Associated With the Use of Diazepam UK during Pregnancy Women who use Diazepam UK during pregnancy are at risk of giving birth to a child with following possible problems:

  • An increased risk of cleft palate and cleft lip is found when it is used during the first trimester.
  • Chances of early deliveries and birth of low weight babies were reported by 2 research studies. However, more research is needed to confirm these findings.
  • Giving birth to a child with a drug dependency, hypothermia, withdrawal symptoms, body temperature, breathing problems, floppiness, sleeping problems, muscle weakness, and/or tremors is most likely where the mother is using Diazepam during the last trimester.

However, the withdrawal symptoms are reported to disappear some time after birth without causing any long-term problems, as the drug is excreted out of the infants body. Thus, while 10mg of Diazepam can be used by pregnant women, it should be prescribed by a doctor. Such risks can be further mitigated as long as you buy the medication from a trusted vendor, such as Sleeping Pills UK.

Prof. David Whitman

About Prof. David Whitman

Once a full-time doctor, David Whitman is now the Head of the Medical Sciences Division at the Queen Mary University of London. Motivated by his life-long love for sleeping, Professor Whitman has performed numerous ground-breaking studies within the field of Neuropharmacology. Through his commitment to researching and developing sleep treatments, he has advanced the understanding of the correlation between sleeping disorders and mental health issues significantly. The Professor further holds Membership Chair of the World Sleep Confederacy (WSC) and provides various leading pharmacies with informative content in addition to his invariable contributions to medical science. Beyond his decorated professional career, Professor Whitman is a doting family man who enjoys spending his spare time hiking and sleeping deeply.

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